Angie Deacon Murder Mystery Series



Book 1

In spite of her dislike of the water, Angie Deacon buys her husband a day of fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee for his fiftieth birthday. What better gift for a guy stuck in the office all the time? That’s what she thinks right up until the owner of the tour is murdered. Who besides Nolan Little’s verbally abused wife has reason to murder him—they’re supposedly all strangers. As an ER nurse, Angie has dedicated herself to helping people, so when Val begs her to help find Nolan’s murderer saying yes seems only natural—until she uncovers Val’s   secret.   

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Book 2 

Angie Deacon has a new career,

co-owner of Alton Bay New Hampshire’s community theater, Prince & Pauper. Her divorce is almost final and, even though her too-clingy mother has moved in, life is good once again. 

Angie’s new love interest, Detective Colby Jarvis lost a bet with his fellow officers ​: he has  to try out for a part in Angie’s show Checkmate: Murder. ​He is awarded the part of a burglar.  Unfortunately, during the very first performance, Jarvis shoots the star with his personal handgun that’s somehow been switched with the theater’s prop gun. Though  on suspension, he is heavy with need to find out who switched guns. Why would anyone use him to kill the leading man who, by day, is the  unassuming owner of the local nursery. Add that to the fact that his long-thought-dead father is back, Jarvis has had his last good night’s  sleep for a while. 

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Book 3

Angie Deacon thought her vacation in Weirs Beach, New Hampshire would be relaxing. But the dog next door would not stop barking. Finally she  confronts the owner, Simon York

​ and they end up in a near knock-down drag-out​. The next morning he is found dead​, and she’s the main suspect. 
Angie​ must seek out the real killer before they stuff her behind bars till her skin wrinkles. Her search for the real killer leads her to a​ suspicious dog breeder, and a​ cosmetics factory that’s putting out some very questionable products.  Now, the owner of the factory—Simon’s wife—is dead.​..​ 

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Dying to Teach

 Book 4 

Angie Deacon thought the gene that produced maternal instinct was missing from her DNA. Till she met Kiana Smith: beautiful,  personable, talented and…grieving, because her mentor, the drama teacher has been murdered. 

The   principal begs Angie to supervise a production scheduled for that weekend

​--intended to ​help save the high school’s floundering drama program. Although her own theater is in the midst of its next production, Angie agrees to help out.

The trouble is, the  principal has told everyone she’s there to work on the case, and Angie  is quickly buried in secrets and problems. Since 

​her ​recent ​near-death experience​ in a case​, she’s sworn to leave investigating to the professionals. Unfortunately she can’t  convince the kids or the principal to stop bringing clues.

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Book 5 

When a popular eighteen-year-old girl is murdered, it devastates​ ​the tight-knit communities surrounding NH’s Lake Winnipesaukee. But when  the accused man is set free, it shakes people to their very core.  Detective Colby Jarvis blames himself—witnesses were ineffective; his  testimony weak, the clues inadequate. 

The next morning, jigsaw puzzles begin arriving in mailboxes of people related to the trial. Twelve hours later, deaths begin.

Angie tries to help Jarvis in the case, but she’s mired in her own set of problems: ​her partner Tyson has just been offered his lifelong dream—a part in a Broadway show. Angie ​must ​run the theater on her own.  But ​that's not the worst of it: her demanding mother is back in  town, and she’s brought a twenty-something surfer​ who  decides he too wants to be a detective.

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No Stone Unturned


Book 6
Angie Deacon’s partner has gone to Broadway to follow his dream, and she’s left alone to produce Prince & Pauper’s first play of the new year.  Proudly she narrows the group of leading-man applicants to  pharmaceuticals salesman Stone Powers. His six-pack abs and charisma have the female cast swooning. Stone accepts the attention with cool   professionalism, even as wives begin popping up like dandelions in a  field. 
Stone arrives drunk at the theater two days in a row, and ​Angie isn’t surprised—keeping three wives  from learning of each other ​could drive anyone to drink. When the local convenience store phones in a domestic dispute, the last thing Detective Colby Jarvis expects is to find Stone dead. ​Jarvis is suddenly overwhelmed with suspects of the female persuasion. 

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Cindy's Other Books

Final Masquerade

Paige ​Carmichael saw her fiancé murder his business associate. And Stefano knows she saw.  She has no choice but to run…but not before ensuring her future by taking ​a priceless coin and ​$750K in dirty mob money. 

She has read books on how to lose yourself, and creates a new identity in each city--wigs, makeup, personality changes. Even so, Stefano locates her again and again. How can this be happening? Does he have  contacts in every town in the world? 

She meets an unlikely hero in Christian Charles Beauchamps who's driving a  big-rig to save money to open a landscaping business. He takes pity, and helps Paige get out of California…but when she sees him whispering with a bullish man at the motel, she can't help wondering...has he fallen for her as he said, or is he on Stefano's payroll?

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Voice from the Ashes

In 1979, Ian Merryweather's biggest dream was to be sheriff of a small town. But a disabling wound in Vietnam sidelines him. While he's on the mend, ​his best friend Chief Baker is murdered, and Ian inherits the job. He feels guilty getting the cherished position this way. But who else will dedicate himself to finding the killer? Especially when the State Police have arrested Baker's son, which means the real killer is on the  loose.

And what about Lucy? Ian's had a  crush on her for years. But she's about to marry Eric. She deserves so much more than the sly womanizer.

When Mt St Helens roars to life, Ian's happiness and the murder investigation are  put on hold while he's forced to use every instinct and talent to save his townspeople from the deluge of searing ash and lava.

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Come in from the Cold

Forbidden love brings out a strength she didn’t realize she had—till it’s almost too late. Can Claudia marry a man she doesn’t like just to give her child a name? Or do the unthinkable in 1954 and raise a child on her own? S​he will have to spend her life denying her love for ​the baby's father, ​gadabout, irresponsible Max.  ​Life ​will be safer with David. She does her best to make the marriage work but David​ ​seems determined to undermine their life. Then one day he nnounces  he and Max are  buying a diamond mine—which means she and Max will be thrust together day after day. Will she be able to deny her love for him? What if he sees the birthmark on his son’s arm and realizes the truth?

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Running from the Past

 The first warning is swift and to the point, but bookstore owners Glenn and Lindsay Reade don’t ‘get it’ until their lives are threatened a second time. All they’ve done is read a young girl’s diary and attempt to locate the owner. Just because the journal describes the girl’s rape and subsequent murder of the rapist is no reason for anyone to want them dead, is it? The book is obviously more than forty years old. Who in the  tiny Berkshire town of Paris, Massachusetts could still care? But someone does. And that someone is willing to kidnap and murder to protect their long-buried secret.                                     

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