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Raising kids is fun! It’s enlightening! It’s a new, joyful experience every day!


It’s  not always fun, enlightening or the least bit joyful. Some days it’s a  miserable chore. When they’re tired, sick, or bickering, it can make you  want to pack up and go to the nearest bar.

We’re  saying this with tongues in cheeks. Mostly being around children is  good. Those hungry energetic little minds are like sponges soaking up  everything they see and hear their parents saying—which is NOT always  good. 

Take  a trip with us through sixteen years of raising children—with our  trademark back and forth repartee—sometimes the easy way, sometimes the  hard way. Watch their comebacks and excuses for breaking rules. Whether  you’re a new parent or have finished raising them, you might find some  chuckles and find yourself nodding at our experiences.

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