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A Page from the Past

The first warning is swift and to the point, but bookstore owners Glenn and Lindsay Reade don’t ‘get it’ until their lives are threatened a second time. All they’ve done is read a young girl’s diary and attempt to locate the owner. Just because the journal describes the girl’s rape and subsequent murder of the rapist is no reason for anyone to want them dead, is it? The book is obviously more than forty years old. Who in the  tiny Berkshire town of Paris, Massachusetts could still care?

But someone does. And that someone is willing to kidnap and murder to protect their long-buried secret.

Poison in the Wind

Payton Winters thinks she’s leaving her skeletons behind when she starts a new life in Sackets Harbor, NY. But starting over isn’t as easy as changing  hometowns. An errant word or action can spawn gossip and trouble. In Sackets Harbor, that trouble is in the form of the handsome Sean Adams.  With him around, no secret is safe. 

When he dies during the annual yacht race in Sackets Harbor, NY, no one is surprised. Neither does anyone mourn.

The surprise is that Sean was poisoned with monkshood. And the only place to buy it is in Payton’s new exotic plant shop. 

Can she clear her name before they hand out the orange jumpsuit? She looks awful in orange

Loved to Death

When a fellow inmate at the asylum jokes how much Claire Bastian and bailiff Tammy Weams look alike, Claire devises a plan to escape using Tammy’s  identity. Claire believes Payton Winters is the reason she was locked up  here nine months ago. 

Payton Winters left Sackets Harbor, New York after Mamie’s death. Not only had  she and Mamie been friends, Payton also came under suspicion in the  woman’s death. Leaving town seemed the best decision. But moving home isn’t the answer. Mom is relentless in her pursuit of grandchildren, so Payton runs again, this time to Rome.

Aden Green is still bruised from Payton’s refusal of his marriage proposal.  After nine months the love just won’t die. He decides to try once more.  He arrives in Virginia hours after Payton left. Just hours after Claire  wreaked havoc in her quest for revenge. He and Claire begin journeys  with different goals toward the same target. Will their paths cross? Who  will win?

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