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   Angie Deacon Mysteries - V0l 1

Morning: Angie Deacon, ER nurse. Afternoon: she’s a suspect in a murder aboard a fishing boat. By night: She is an amateur sleuth working to save her neck from the noose. Why, of the 6 people aboard is she the prime suspect? Detective Jarvis attracted to the pretty blonde, doesn’t want to suspect her, but too many clues point in her direction…

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Paige ​Carmichael saw her fiancé murder his business associate. And Stefano knows she saw.  She has no choice but to run…but not before ensuring her future by taking ​a priceless coin and ​$750K in dirty mob money. 
She has read books on how to lose yourself, and creates a new identity in each city--wigs, makeup, personality changes. Even so, Stefano locates her again and again. How can this be happening? Does he have  contacts in every town in the world? 
She meets an unlikely hero in Christian Charles Beauchamps who's driving a  big-rig to save money to open a landscaping business. He takes pity, and helps Paige get out of California…but when she sees him whispering with a bullish man at the motel, she can't help wondering...has he fallen for her as he said, or is he on Stefano's payroll?

Our Story

Cindy Davis


Cindy lives in Florida, the land of sunshine, with her husband and a calico cat who is either psycho or there’s a ghost in the house. Cindy loves to read, travel, hike, read, swim, do needlework, and read. Did  she mention she likes to read? She’s addicted to gelato made in her  hometown. Is there a 12-step program for this?

She is the author of 22 fiction books and several non-fiction books.

She’s a 21-year veteran free-lance editor working with both fiction and  non-fiction. 


Rick Palmacci


​Rick has lived in Florida for the last 33 years. ​He's originally from the Boston area (Revere Beach)​, and now married to the delightful ​author Cindy. ​She​ has just got​​ him involved with co-authoring the Rick and Cindy ​series of non-fiction books. ​Rick has a passion for the beach, reading​,​ and traveling. A connoisseur of coffee.

Rick and Cindy


We were just recently married at Dow Gardens in Michigan. ​When not traveling, you can find us most days at the beach. Or in the evening listening to a local band while the sun goes down. All of Rick and Cindy's online books can be found at

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