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Come in from the Cold


Forbidden love brings out a strength she didn’t realize she had—till it’s almost too late. Can Claudia marry a man she doesn’t like just to give her child a name? Or do the unthinkable in 1954 and raise a child on her own? S​he will have to spend her life denying her love for ​the baby's father, ​gadabout, irresponsible Max.  ​Life ​will be safer with David. She does her best to make the marriage work but David​ ​seems determined to undermine their life. Then one day he nnounces  he and Max are  buying a diamond mine—which means she and Max will be thrust together day after day. Will she be able to deny her love for him? What if he sees the birthmark on his son’s arm and realizes the truth?

Voice from the Ashes


In 1979, Ian Merryweather's biggest dream was to be sheriff of a small town. But a disabling wound in Vietnam sidelines him. While he's on the mend, ​his best friend Chief Baker is murdered, and Ian inherits the job. He feels guilty getting the cherished position this way. But who else will dedicate himself to finding the killer? Especially when the State Police have arrested Baker's son, which means the real killer is on the  loose.
And what about Lucy? Ian's had a  crush on her for years. But she's about to marry Eric. She deserves so much more than the sly womanizer.
When Mt St Helens roars to life, Ian's happiness and the murder investigation are  put on hold while he's forced to use every instinct and talent to save his townspeople from the deluge of searing ash and lava.

Our Story

Cindy Davis


Cindy lives in Florida, the land of sunshine, with her husband and a calico cat who is either psycho or there’s a ghost in the house. Cindy loves to read, travel, hike, read, swim, do needlework, and read. Did  she mention she likes to read? She’s addicted to gelato made in her  hometown. Is there a 12-step program for this?

She is the author of 22 fiction books and several non-fiction books.

She’s a 21-year veteran free-lance editor working with both fiction and  non-fiction. 


Rick Palmacci


​Rick has lived in Florida for the last 33 years. ​He's originally from the Boston area (Revere Beach)​, and now married to the delightful ​author Cindy. ​She​ has just got​​ him involved with co-authoring the Rick and Cindy ​series of non-fiction books. ​Rick has a passion for the beach, reading​,​ and traveling. A connoisseur of coffee.

Rick and Cindy


We were just recently married at Dow Gardens in Michigan. ​When not traveling, you can find us most days at the beach. Or in the evening listening to a local band while the sun goes down. All of Rick and Cindy's online books can be found at

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