~ excerpt ~
by Cindy Davis

Two Million Reasons by Cindy Davis

"Now, everyone, pay close attention. On the count of three, I'm going to switch places in the trunk with my father."

Vicki grasped the edges of the curtain and whisked them close to her shoulders. "Now…when I count to three..." She tightened the cuurtains against her cheeks so only her face was peeking out. "One…"

By now her father should be at her side. During practice he'd tapped her on the shoulder to let her know he was there. She clutched the curtain against her face and waited. No shoulder-tap.

"Two," she said, panic shooting into her veins. Where was he?

She let an extra beat pass. Maybe she'd made a mistake and he wasn't supposed to touch her. This morning when he tapped her she'd squealed. Maybe he was worried she'd do that again. It sure would mess up the act if she did. It made sense that he'd decided to skip it.

So, relaxed and ready for the big reveal, she drew her head back and shut the curtains all the way.

It was then she and her father were supposed to switch places and he'd poke his head out and say, "Three."

But he wasn't there. Rattled, she gazed over both shoulders twice. Father wasn't there. He was nowhere in sight.