~ excerpt ~
STONE COLD SOBER (Angie Deacon #6)
by Cindy Davis
COMING SOON! (If you haven't started on book one, A Little Murder, you might want to hurry and catch up.)

Stone Cold Sober by Cindy Davis

"So, did you think about what I said?" Chia asked.

Which thing was that? Oh yes. "About you sitting in on a rehearsal?" Angie said.

"Yeah. Did you think about it?"

"No need to think about it. We only allow outsiders at dress rehearsal the night before the opening performance."

"I thought you might make an exception."

"If I did it for you, I'd have to do it when Craig's mom is in town, or Jacoby's daughter lands a part in her kindergarten play and he wants to show her how it all works. I'm sorry."

The Chia pet flared her nostrils and stepped so close her breath was hot on Angie's face. "I knew it."

"Knew what?"

"You don't want me around because you're putting the make on Rocky."

Angie stood there, speechless.

Kiana, who'd stopped by the open door of the car, laughed. Actually it was more of a belly laugh—complete with head thrown back and arms wrapped around the stomach. "You'd better not say that in front of her boyfriend—the cop."

Angie gave Chia a deliberate eye-roll and whirled away. Before things could get totally out of control she urged her mother toward the passenger door. They'd taken no more than two steps when Angie's sleeve was grasped and she was spun around.

"I will be at those rehearsals," Chia said. "And you will stay away from Rocky."

Gloria inserted herself between them. Angie stepped around her mother. Last thing she needed was the seventy-six year old getting hurt.

"I've been holding my tongue," Angie said, "but I'm done. If your husband is so damned special to you, what were you doing hanging all over Montez the other day?"

Chia launched a punch at Angie. It glanced off her left ear. She was about to retaliate when a dark-skinned fist flashed past her other ear and popped Chia in the mouth. Blood spurted. Chia squeaked.

Kiana took hold of Angie and Gloria's sleeves and yanked. "Come on, before somebody calls the cops."

"I was about to." Angie chuckled.

"I can see Jarvis's face when he comes to this dispute." Gloria laughed.

Angie hung the dresses in the backseat and climbed in. Gloria got in front. The door was barely shut before Kiana jammed her foot on the gas. If the tires on the little hybrid could've laid rubber, they would have.

She zipped into traffic. "Where do you want to go for dinner?"