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What they're saying about Cindy's books



"Cindy Davis writes of one of the most real-life revelations of all time...Beneath the two-legged creatures of Cassell Springs rumbles the volcano, and Davis gives us an exciting munite-by-minute account of the titanic explosion of the volcano beginning at 8:36 a.m. May 18, 1980. An accomplished mystery."
Steve Sherman, Keene Sentinel, August 2006
"Davis takes a fresh approach to the mystery genre, giving her compelling cast of characters room to breathe within the rather impressive intricately structured plot. If one thing shines through in Davis' writing, it is her ability to set a pace that allows the story to flow and unfold smoothly without sacrificing the excitement and dramatic tension...Through precise and unexpected details, such as the heat of the slippery ash collecting on the ground burning through the soles of the survivors' shoes, Davis was able to capture the terror of what it must have been like to endure the (eruption of Mount St. Helens)."
Matt Cummings, Eagle Times Newspaper; July 2006

"Cindy Davis has created multifaceted characters that are interesting individually and collectively. They will entertain young adults through many adventures. The three remind me strongly of the great characters in the adventure series such as Radio Boys and Hardy Boys."
Reviewed by Anne Haw Holt, Western Fiction Review, June 2003


Dessert Bandits is highly imaginative. . . strives for authenticity and will appeal to young readers ... an auspicious start to what will hopefully be a series of stories with the same characters."
David Evans Katz, author of Sin of Omission (Koenisha Publications, 2003)


"Cindy Davis has woven an intriguing story with more twists and turns that the ribbon of highway that takes her (Paige) from coast to coast. This is a must read for any lover of suspense. A real page turner, Final Masquerade will hold your attention from its unpredictable beginning to its surprising end."
Review by Sherry Derr-Wille, author of:
Summer's Child, Whiskey Creek Press
Becky's Rebel, Wings ePress
Donegal's Mistress, Whiskey Creek Press
Coffee, Tea or Love, Wings ePress
"Cindy Davis' Final Masquerade is a fast moving suspense novel ... (with) a quite likeable character in Paige. She undergoes such an awakening ... the reader can't help but pull for her as the action intensifies.... other characters ... are well-crafted; they each bring out something in Paige, and propel the story forward.... a novel sure to keep readers turning pages long past their bedtimes."
Inside The Cover
Book Review by Amy Brozio-Andrews

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