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Women's Fiction:  Cold as Ice
Mystery Novels:  Take the Money and Run   Lethal Dose of Love   Murder Beyond Reason
                                     A Page from the Past
Smith & Westen Mysteries:  On the Hook   Just Smashing   Two Million Reasons
Angie Deacon Mysteries:   A Little Murder   Checkmate: Murder   Hair of the Dog   Drama Queen
                                                        Rest in Pieces   Stone Cold Sober
Nonfiction:  You Have the Power

Cindy Davis
    • Take the Money and Run - outsmarting her fiance's henchmen was her toughest test
    • A Page from the Past - murder lands too close to home for bookstore owner Lindsay Reade
    • A Little Murder - ER nurse Angie Deacon faces her first murder — can her husband be the killer?
    • Checkmate: Murder - The leading man is murdered after Angie Deacon takes over the community theater
    • Hair of the Dog - a barking dog means murder, and Angie Deacon's a suspect
    • Drama Queen - Angie takes over the role of the murdered high school drama teacher and gets deluged with clues
    • Rest in Pieces - the accused in a high profile murder case is freed and witnesses start dying after getting a puzzle piece
    • You Have the Power - self edit your way into print

Last Updated: 22 November 2017


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