~ excerpt ~
by Cindy Davis

Stepping from the tree cover, yet remaining in shadows, Angie and Val moved toward the road. Angie still gripped Val's hand, which was good, because when she sneaked to the door of the Camaro, Val tried to pull away. The passenger door was still open; the dome light shone like a beacon. Angie put a hand in the small of Val's back and gave a little shove, then rushed to the drivers' side.

Inside, in a single movement she shifted, gunned and twisted. Two tires spun in the gravel, but two tried to grip pavement. The powerful motor obeyed, squealing in an abrupt circle and onto Route 28.

Val knelt on the seat, fists gripping the back like a kid on a circus ride. "I don't see them yet. Oh, yes I do. Here they come."

Angie turned off the headlights. Val screeched.

With one streetlight for guidance, Angie raced a few hundred feet south, took her foot off the gas and wrenched the car right, praying this car handled sharp corners better than the Escort. She jammed her foot on the gas. They sped along the narrow bumpy road. She let go of the steering wheel one hand at a time, to dry her palms on her slacks.

"Go faster, they should be passing any second."

Angie pressed the car for more speed. "Those kids didn't lie about the power."

"There they are." A second later, "They went past. I didn't see any brake lights."

"Hold on." Angie slowed the car so quickly they were both thrown at the windshield.

Val caught herself just before sliding backwards to the floor. "Whoa Nellie."

Angie pulled onto a two-rut logging road. "Tell me when you can't see the road any more."

"I haven't seen it for a long time."

"Well, open your eyes and keep watch."

The car bounced and jolted, bottoming out twice in the deep ruts made by huge log trucks.

"You go any further, you'll shake the teeth right out of my head." The car rolled to a stop.

"What's the plan now, Nancy Drew?"